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At X WING, we use the latest science and technology to ensure maximum health, comfort, and performance for all cyclists. X WING’s patented design results in superior blood flow, no genital numbness, and optimum rider health.
Check out the new X WING video – showing how our saddles outperform all others for optimum health and rider performance:

Blood flow testing

Using industry-leading equipment and standards, we perform rigorous testing of blood gas levels while cycling. The chart below compares several X WING models with four competitors’ bicycle saddles. Note that all X WING saddles measure at least 100% blood flow, which is the baseline number for a rider standing at rest off of the bike. As the rider begins to exercise, blood pressure and pulse rise, causing blood flow to exceed the 100% baseline. Note how the traditional saddles are all significantly below the X WING standard.
*NOTE: All test runs shown with a 60-degree rider back angle, or a standard road riding position.