There’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of riding a bike: the wind flowing over your body, the soothing rhythm of the tires on the ground, the freedom you feel on your journey.

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but for many, you never forget the day you learned. This was the case for the father and son duo, David and Luke. Until this day, Luke would hop on the back of David’s bike, wrap his arms around his father’s waist and take in the view from under his father’s arm, as they rode through town together. For so long, Luke pictured himself whizzing down streets and discovering secret entrances to other dimensions. As Luke hit a growth spurt, it was apparent that he’d need to hop off his father’s bike and learn to ride his own. He saddled the bike for the first time, his dad by his side, gripping the handlebars. It wasn’t long before Luke found his stride, pumping his legs so hard that he thought he might fly. David puffed his chest with pride, seeing his son picking up momentum, pushing ever forward and toward his goals.

Luke relished his days on the bike, but he also remembered one or two bad days. One day in particular, Luke fell off his bike, hitting the pavement hard. He saw red where his skin scratched the surface and the pain drove him to tears. Would this fall spell the end of Luke’s awesome adventures? David sensed that this was a pivotal moment in his child’s development and he never wanted Luke to abandon this pursuit. David got to work, creating a custom bike that would allow Luke to ride safely and comfortably to school and back. David sat Luke down and explained to him that he was powerful enough to sprout wings, helping him fly over obstacles and avert danger. His words seemed to bolster Luke’s confidence immediately. David not only mended the bike, but also convinced Luke to give this one more shot. He’d be back to riding soon. Nothing put a smile on David’s face, like seeing Luke persist and find cycling fun again. After this, biking became the family’s preferred mode of transportation around town.

The family’s bond became even closer with the passage of time. Luke’s parents continued cycling through many phases of their lives until they reached the age of retirement. At this point in time there were multiple challenges surrounding their physical mobility and comfort. Bicycle seats were squarely at the center of a lot of this discomfort. Finding them extremely uncomfortable, they weren’t able to continue their longtime cycling. It was then that Luke had an epiphany, like the one David had, so many years ago. Luke believed it would be his chance to give back to his parents in a way that they would really appreciate.

Luke began working on the problem and was able to draw up a solution that would change his parent’s lives. He created a wing-shaped saddle with ample cushioning. With his custom wing design, the bike seat support was absolutely unmatchable in comfort on rides!

To the thrill of the entire family, Luke’s parents hopped back onto their bikes, just like the good old days, but even better! While Luke’s parents could once again feel the sun on their faces and the wind at their backs. The physical, emotional, and psychological benefits appeared to be limitless.

This was a win not just for his parents but for so many others. It became Luke’s passion to share his design with a wider community that had given him so much throughout his life. Biking had shaped his relationship with his parents and the natural world. He knew that being an avid biker created a positive impact on his environment and he wanted to help grow that passion in the generations to come. The next step of the journey came when Luke made his saddle widely available to all. Luke decided to name his incredible design, the “X Wing.” Today X Wing bike saddles can quickly provide people with a genuinely comfortable biking experience, thanks to Luke. He hopes that each of his customers, no matter their age, will let their imaginations run wild and free, finding so much fun on two wheels just as he and his family have for so long. This is where the slogan for X Wing bike seats was originated “We make it right for your Ride.”