No telephone orders will be accepted.

All purchase orders must be pre-approved by client. XWING.BIKE does not accept “draft orders” (orders submitted by person(s) other than the client) – this only causes a delay for the client’s order and time & money in the warehouse. All orders must be completed on a XWING.BIKE order form and submitted by fax or email to:

1382 Valencia Ave Unit B, Tustin, CA 92780
Phone: (949) 257-2568

Order Processing Procedures:

• Upon receipt of client’s order, an A/R rep will verify that customer is current on payments & initial the order to process.

• If client has a past due balance, Sales Representative will be notified to resolve past due balance with client. All pending orders in house will be placed on credit hold until any past due balance is resolved.

• If client order is approved by A/R dept. with no issues, we will notify the sales rep via email upon receipt of order.

• Order must be within the client’s approved Credit Limit. If an order exceeds client’s credit limit, client will be asked to make a deposit prior to shipping merchandise. Or client will be asked to modify the order to be within credit limit in order for merchandise to ship.

• Order will be entered into XWING.BIKE’s computer system.

• A “Picking Sheet” will be forwarded to the warehouse supervisor for prepping & packing of the order.

• Upon completion of the order packing, the “Picking Sheet” is returned to Customer Service for routing and shipping out of the order.

• A copy of the invoice is placed with the packing invoice on the main pallet of the order. A copy of the invoice is also mailed to the client.